3 Things All "Fit and Confident Over 40s" Do Differently For A Better Life

and learn how you can build up confidence to work for your wellness! 
(...#3 got me feeling 10 years younger) 

Meet Rachel Maytum

For many years, due to past failures and gaining weight, I had lost all my confidence... 

Life in my forties was not how I had imagined it! 

Then one day I made a conscious decision to make some major changes. I began doing fitness programmes that included exercise routines and nutritional plans. I lost 2 1/2 stone in weight and felt much better in myself, physically and mentally, BUT I still felt I needed something to help me with my emotions, so that I could ultimately overcome my lack of confidence.

I would get very nervous and self-doubtful when facing new situations, especially when starting a new job and meeting new people face to face. I was afraid of failing; saying the wrong words and doing the wrong things. It would affect my emotions greatly and my body would shake, especially my hands. I couldn't control the way my body behaved. It was extremely embarrassing!

Then one day I was introduced to a product by one of my online friends. He spoke in high regard of the company. I trusted him, so I tried it. And I'm so glad I did because I finally found something that helps me with my emotions - my shakes are finally under control! It's boosted my confidence, positivity, self-esteem and even my energy levels, and has given me a whole new purpose in life... 

Now I'm on a mission to help lots of people overcome their fears, build their confidence, and incorporate a wellness lifestyle by empowering them with the knowledge and resources that I've worked so hard to obtain myself.

Come join our exclusive group of Confident & Fit Over 40s! ;-) And learn how you can build up your confidence, fitness and wellbeing with the knowledge and information we share in our exclusive community. 

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With love, Rachel

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